Still searching

Chapter 39

It was Harry’s bachelor party. Draco had had his the night before as they had the same friends now. Harry was sat in a chair, chained down, with a male lap dancer over him.
“Come on guys! You know I’m not into this sort of thing! Come one! Stop torturing me! At least answer me!”
“Sorry.” Said Blaise with a big smile. “Bosses orders.”
“Who’s your boss then?”
“Why Draco of course!”
“Why would he do this?!”
“He knows you LOVE this sort of thing!”
“BLAISE!” Shouted Harry over the music that was getting higher every minute.

“Well hello Hermione. To what do I owe this pleasure?”
“YOU’VE GOT TO SEE THIS!” She shouted over the music. The two were on Facetime, Draco was having a nice soak in the bath to calm his nerves. Hermione turned the phone around the show Harry squirming under a stripper.
“Bring me over to him a second.” Draco called. When Harry saw Draco he reddened even more than he was already.
“Aw, Love. I thought you would enjoy it!” Answered the blond with a smirk.
“DRACO!” The phone cut off. Draco chuckled to himself and laid his head back.

This was it. It was the day. The day of the wedding. The place was beautifully decorated. Harry had insisted on having a traditional muggle wedding. The churches garden was littered with white roses and petals. White net swung from the trees. Rows and rows of white chairs were placed before the little podium at the end of the ile where Draco was waiting nervously with the priest. Draco wore a fine black suit with a red and silver bow tie. Beside him stood Blaise and Moon. On the other side of the ile was Ron and Hermione. The traditional wedding music started playing and Cassandra, Nooly and Lancey walked out of the church, they threw even more white rose petals before them. Harry walked out soon after, accompanied by Mr Weasley, Harry’s last father figure. Harry wore the same suit as Draco, in white and with a red and gold bow tie. He got to the podium and stood facing his futur husband. The ceremony started.

“Draco Malfoy, you may kiss Harry James Potter.” The two kissed and everybody applauded.
They partied for a while and many people came up to congratulate them, then it was time for the dance. Draco had been teaching Harry how to slow dance. It was very tedious. Draco learnt the first day he had started teaching the raven-haired boy, that Harry was very clumsy when it came to dancing; he would step on Draco’s and his own feet, he would trip and do the wrong steps or forget them completely. When they walked to the center of the dance floor, they were both very nervous but they danced perfectly. Soon enough, couples were joining them. Cassandra danced with Bill for a while, standing on his feet so he could guide her, but Fleur soon cut in so the young girl left to spin in circles with her friends. Everybody had a wonderful time.
In the evening, while the sun was setting, Harry and Draco left for their honeymoon. They had a great two weeks in Bora Bora and when they got back, they were both wonderfully tanned. Harry had never seen Draco when he wasn’t pale before. They were a very happy, newly-wed couple.

Author’s note:
NEXT CHAPTER IS THE LAST CHAPTER! I would have put it in in this chapter but I thought ‘Why not do a whole FORTY chapters?” Now I know that might not seem a lot… But it is for me! That’s why this chapter is shorter than usual… Anywayyyy, see you next chapter!


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