Still searching

Chapter 40 (AKA LAST CHAPTER!)

Three years later

Dear Minerva,

Draco and I wont be coming back to teach next year. I hope you find a new Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher and Potions teacher easily… You see, it is our three year anniversary today and we’ve decided we are going to do something quite time consuming! Draco and I have kept it a secret for a couple of months now, but we will tell you all about it when we next visit Hogwarts.

Yours sincerely,

Two months later

It was the first day back for students and teachers when Harry and Draco visited their beloved school. They stepped out of the carriage which was still pulled by Thestrals and walked up the castle steps.
“Quick!” Said Harry as he looked through the window. “The Sorting has already started!”
They hurried to the Great Hall and entered by a side passage. They sat down at the only two empty chairs except for McGonagall’s chair. Many of the students started murmuring when they saw the two men. The Headmistress turned to see what all of the fuss was about and gasped. She looked like she was going to stop the Sorting to say hello to Harry and Draco but thought better of it. She went until the very end, pronounced the shortest speech Harry had ever heard and hurried back to her seat.
“Harry! Draco! You-you…?”
“This is our little girl Diamond.” Said Harry, holding the small bundle in his arms up so the professor could see her face. “We adopted her at the beginning of the holidays.”
“Oh my! Isn’t she a little angel! Could I-?”
“Of course.” Harry passed Minerva the bundle and smiled. “Her full name is Diamond Rivera Evans Potter.”
“What a wonderful name.”
“Rivera was my idea.” Said Draco proudly.
“Saint Potter.” Said Harry to McGonagall with mischief in his eyes. “With his good naming skills and perfect blond hair.” He proceeded to ruffling said blond hair while Draco tried to swat him away.
“Hello Uncle Harry! Hello Uncle Draco! and hello little Diamond.” Said Cassandra. She was followed by Lancey and Nooly.
“Hello!” They both said happily.
“How are you girls?” Said Harry, taking back the baby.
“We’re all good. Does Diamond still cry a lot?”
“Hardly. She’s a little diamond now.” Draco smiled.
“Can you bring her over to my table so I can show her to my friends?” Said Cassandra.
“Of course.” Harry got up and followed the three girls bouncing over to the Slytherin table.
Cassandra had told him over the holidays that they were planning to reinstate the weekly Quiddith nights which Harry was happy about. Cassandra had many friends now, although Nooly and Lancey were still her top two bestfriends, and was happier than ever.
Harry, also, had never been happier. He was living a great life with his husband and daughter. Hermione and Ron also had their own wedding and son shortly after Harry and Draco’s wedding. Everything in life was finally perfect for Harry. He was finally happy.

Author’s note:
Well, this is it. The last chapter. I know this story has been a bit all over the place, there are probably things that don’t add up ect. but oh well. I had so much fun writing it and I hope you had as much fun reading it! New story will be out soon: Blue Hair and Freckles.



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