Mysterious Man

Chapter 6

Dinner that night was, all in all, a very embarrassing experience. Mum just wouldn’t stop asking questions and then, like the embarrassing mother she is, showed baby pictures of me. Naked.
“No! Mum! Put. Them. Away.”
Jamie just laughed and laughed. “Stop laughing. I’m warning you.” I had said after I punched him in the shoulder.
“I can’t believe you!” I said to Mum after Jamie had left. “I barely know him.”
“Do you want to know what I can’t believe?” asked Mum, waggling her eyebrows. “I can’t believe you snuck out last night when you were supposed to be sleeping.” Oh oh. “Yep, I saw you two outside. You weren’t being very discreet to be honest with you.”

So, what I haven’t mentioned because I was too busy talking about Jamie (what is wrong with me, am I right?) is I have been getting too much pity at school. I hate it. Hate hate hate it! Megan has been coming up to me everyday. She doesn’t understand that I can’t deal with my old life. I love her, well I used to, but everything about my old life reminds me of Dad.
So yes, I have been getting a lot of pity but there will always be…. The mean girls. Literally, there are five Regina Georges in my school: Diamond, she’s the queen bee, Elise, who is the on the who makes all the evil plans, Rosalinda, the rich one, Aubrey, the pretty one and finally, Ethel, the one who thinks she’s cool but actually the other girls just keep her around to do their homework, poor girl, but for some reason, she’s the meanest of them all, always ready to insult someone.
“Well, well, well. Look at you, poor little miss kidnapped. Really, you shouldn’t have come back. What if the imaginary bad guys get out of jail?”
“Literally, Diamond, it was all over the news. Oh no, you’re too dumb to watch the news.” I’m not a mean girl. I’m actually quite nice when I want to be but when someone gets on my nerves… Well, lets just say I’m a feisty one. Diamond flipped her hair behind her back and glared at me while her friends just gasped and glared.
“I’m sorry, what did you just say?” She straitened her shoulders even more than they already were to make herself higher than me which, really, isn’t that hard. She was wearing heels and I’m already quite small for my age.
“Apology accepted. You heard me, bye now.” She spun me around as I started walking away.
“Don’t you walk away from me!”
“Hello ladies.” Jamie came up behind me.
“Oh, Jamie!” Diamond fluttered her eyelashes.
“Do you have something in your eye? Do you want eye drops?” I said, stifling a laugh. She glared at me again and turned back to Jamie.
“Party at mine tonight, 9pm. Be there.” she winked.
“Sorry, got plans.”
“What plans?”
“Got a dinner date.”
“A dinner date? With who?”
“With this little lady in front of you.”
“With her? Ditch her! It’s going to be so much more fun at my party.”
“Sorry Diamond, I’m a gentleman; I don’t ditch. Maybe next time.”
Jamie steered me away before I could ask why he said that.
“You can thank me later.” he said.
“Thank you for what?”
“For saving you.”
“I could have handled it.”
“I’m sur you could have. But you know me, I’m your Prince Charming and all.”
“Are you now?”
“Yes. Do you want to start the project this evening? Catch the sunset, all romantic and all. It could be our first date.”
“Ha, date. You’re a funny one.”
“I’m being serious!”
“Come back and ask me when we haven’t know each other for two days.”
“I’ll come back tomorrow then.”
“See you this evening.”
“You are not coming around three nights in a row.”
“See you tonight!”
“Bye Honey!”
“Do not call me ‘Honey’!”

“Honey, I’m home!”
“Jamie I have a headache. Please, I’m not feeling well.” I said.
“I know, your mum said. So, instead of adventuring, I’m going to take care of you.” he said, sitting on the edge of my bed.
“Jamie please.”
“I’ll get you some Advil and water and then I’ll go to the shops and get soup, soup always makes people better.”
“Jamie that’s really sweet and all but please just go away.”
Jamie wouldn’t listen. He took care of me all evening through all my protests. When he had finished taking care of me, we watched Netflix together all night. I fell asleep and when I woke up the next morning, I was alone. I had a lie in as it was Saturday and when I came out of my room for some breakfast, Mum and Katie were waggling their eyebrows at me.
“What?” I asked in an exasperated voice.
“Lila and Jamie, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love then comes-”
“Katie! Shut up!”
“-love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage!”
I picked my little sister up and threw her onto the sofa and started tickling her. We had a big tickle and pillow fight and collapsed on the floor in a fit of giggles.
“Seems like you’re feeling better.” said Mum.
“I am actually.”
“Maybe it’s thanks to that medicine your boyfriend brought you last night, and the soup.”
He is not my boyfriend!
“He’s your boyfriend! He’s your boyfriend! Lila has a boyfriend! Lila has a boyfriend!”
“I don’t Katie!”
“Yes you do, yes you do!”
“I’m going for a run.”
I got changed and ran out of the door. I stretched a bit (not because I knew what I was doing, just because I had seen people do it, haha) and started at a slow pace. I had run for around five minutes when, what did I see? Jamie… Surrounded by Diamond and her ‘crew’. The girls were flipping their hair and fluttering their eyelashes and sticking their chests out. Jamie was smirking. I tried to run past them without getting noticed but that didn’t work.


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