The Beginning & Starting A Blog

Hi there!

I’m Grace and yes, i’ve decided to start a blog.


Well, first of all, a blog is way more private than a diary (your parents or siblings will ALWAYS try to find that precious diary of yours) and second, i don’t share my feelings with my friends or family. I let them see what they want to see. They want to see me happy? They see me happy. They want to see me sad? They see me sad. All though i try to never show that i am sad. I hate it. I hate it when people pity me. I hate it.

So, why not share them with strangers? People i’ve never seen or heard before?

I mean it’s not like anyone i know could see my blogs.. My parents hate technology (especially my dad) and they would never think of typing my name into Google. Then there’s my friends, even if they did see all of this they wouldn’t understand. Yes you read that correctly. They wouldn’t understand; they’re french because yes, i live in France and yes i’m writing an english blog. Confused yet?


So, let me start from the beginning.

It started when i was born. I had a loving mother and father and a lovely sister.

One year when i must have been around two years old we went to our holiday home in France. We all loved it there, we didn’t want to leave.

So, my parents, my sister and i went around the center of France looking for our dream home. We found it. In the middle of nowhere. With rubbish internet.

I’m not going to go on for to long so here’s the short story.

I started school when i was three years old (apparently the first day i was so exited i didn’t even say goodbye to my mother!) They were the best years of my life so far. I’m now in ‘collège’ or what the english call ‘secondary school’ i belive? Well i’m fourteen that should tell you where i am in school years, haha.

My life isn’t very interesting, but i’ve planned out a glamorous futur!

Maybe you, whoever you are, could read my plans in my next blog?

Love,Grace x