I’m back & what i got for Christmas

So, i’m back.

The reasong why i haven’t posted in a long LONG time is that i haven’t had anything to write about. I’ve just been out of ideas and the fact that my laptop was super slow didn’t help. So i’m going to try to post more often even if i just talk about what i did in my day, and today i’m starting off with what i got for Christmas!

Isn’t Christmas a lovely time? Everyone’s happy and smiling, you get to decorate the house, you get to go out shopping, it’s just a really nice time.I actually bought most of my presents this year (because i’m getting older, my realtives don’t really know what to get me unless i tell them specifically what i want and since i live in France i don’t get to talk to them a lot, so i got my presents for them if that makes sence).blog-2

So, here’s what  i got:

  1. The laptop that i’m writing this very post on: a white levono, 14 or 15 inches (i’m not sure) fun fact i broke this laptop two days after Christmas but an amazing friend of my parents and me (he’s like the big brother i never had) fixed it and i’m soooo grateful, he’s the best!
  2. Three books: Girl Online Going Solo by Zoella aka Zoe Sugg signed by herself, Poppy and an other person but i can’t figure out who signed it… Haha moving on, i also got the original Alice in Wonderland and a Chesire Cat notepad to go with it and Fantastic Beasts and where to find Them.
  3. Some beauty things – Lush bath bombs, a bath kit that comes with bubbles for the bath, body gel and moisteriser, Tanya Burr nailvarnish, eye palet and lip gloss.
  4. Teen Wolf (all of the seasons on DVD), Scream Queens (wich is super wierd), Louise Live (haven’t watched yet), The Vampire Diaries (season 7) and Now You See Me 2 (wich i also haven’t watched yet)
  5. Two onesies: one Harry potter one with Harry Potter written all over it and the softest one with polar bears on it (i swear it’s the softest thing i’ve ever touched and i’m wearing it right now) and i got a couple of jumpers.
  6. As stocking fillers i got a few pairs of cosy socks, some lip balms, a new phone case wich is transparent on the back and pink on the edges (if you are wondering what phone i have, i have an iPhone SE in pink),the SacconeJoly calendar and lots and lots of chocolate!

And that’s it i think!

I just want to say i’m not trying to boast in any way, this is just what i got for Christmas. I’m truly gratefull for what i have, i know some people are less fortunate than me and i hope they – and everyone else – had a WONDERFUL Chistmas!

What did you get for Christmas? Tell me in the comments below!

Love, Grace x