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Chapter 33

The Weasleys and Hermione visited a couple of days after Harry had sent his letters. They stayed with him the whole day except for George who went to see Fred although nobody but Harry knew that. Sadly, Draco had to go to classes but Harry would see him at lunch and in the evening. They left just before dinner. Harry was looking forward to just relax a bit but the Headmistress walked in followed by Quipett.
“Are you ready to start your training, Harry?” Asked McGonagall. Harry sighed.
“As ready as I’ll ever be.”
“You are going to be going outside with Arnold.”
“Let me just get changed.” The two professors left the room and Harry got dressed as fast as he could, although he was still sore so he wasn’t that fast.
They walked down the grounds, as far away from the school as possible, where students never went. McGonagall was going to supervise them.
“Right,” Said Quipett, “can you show me your wings?”
Harry scrunched up his face and concentrated hard, imagining his winds unfold from his back. He hadn’t even noticed they had appeared until McGonagall gave an involuntary noise of glee. She blushed and hid a grin. She pulled a mirror out of her cloak pocket and showed Harry his wings in it. His eyes widened in surprise.
“Wow.” He breathed.
“Now, I’m going to try something, Harry. I’m going to shoot a mild curse at you. And of course, you have to block it.” Quipett pointed his wand at Harry and conjured a blasting curse. Harry blocked it easily but he felt a change in his wings; the were till soft where his body could touch them but as soon as they were out of Harry’s reach, they turned sharp as the sharpest knives.
“Good, do you want to try flying?”
“As much as I would love to try flying, I’m exhausted.” Said Harry.
“Of course, you’re still weak. We will continue tomorrow.”
“Thank you, Professor. For helping me.”
“Harry, please. I’m not much older than you believe it or not. Just call me Arnold.”
“Okay.” Harry smiled up at the man as they started walking up to the castle with McGonagall slightly ahead of them. “How old are you then? If you don’t mind me asking.”
“I am twenty-two next month.”
“Wow, you are young.”
“And so are you.”
“Yeah, I guess so.”

For the next few days, substitutes came to replace Harry and Arnold while they trained. Arnold not only taught him about his powers and abilities but taught him in combat as well. Harry was also taught to control his powers which were much more powerful now. Harry couldn’t even cast an ‘Expelliarmus’ without making Arnold shoot back and hit the floor.
“Sorry.” He said while the professor wiped off the mud from his cloak for the twentieth time.
“Don’t worry about it.”
“I just can’t seem to get the hang of it.”
“You will soon enough. You just have to get used to having so much power really.”
So they trained and trained until Harry had complete control over his powers and his wings and was as good as Arnold was at combat. With his heightened emotions, Harry often got annoyed and would slump off in a huff for a few minutes before coming back and trying whatever he was doing again. It was a very long process but, thankfully, Arnold was very patient.
“I think you’ve got it Harry.” The boy beamed up at him. He looked like he was eleven all over again.
“You think so?”

“I’ve finished my training.” Said Harry as he and Draco got ready for bed.
“Really? That’s great.” They got into bed and Harry had a sudden thought.
“Has your mother sent you any more letters since the last one?”
“Yes, loads.” Said Draco, indifferently.
“And did you reply?”
“Why?” Asked Harry, shocked. “I thought you only didn’t get along with your father?”
“That’s true.” The blond sighed. “I don’t know what to say.”
“How about, on the next Hogsmeade weekend, you meet with her in the Three Broomsticks? I’ll ask Ron and Hermione down for some company while you’re with her.”
“That’s an idea…” Said Draco slowly. “I guess I could do that. I’ll write her a letter right now.”
Harry laid back in bed, happy he had done something to reunite his boyfriend with his mother.
“Are you sure you don’t want me to come with you?” Asked Draco. “To Hogsmeade? I could always meet my mother during the holidays.”
“The holidays are weeks away. Go see her. I bet she’s missed you. And I bet you’ve missed her too.”
Harry leaned back again and fell asleep to the sound of Draco’s quill scratching parchment. He was mildly aware of Draco slipping into bed with him, a few minutes or hours Harry didn’t know, later and kissing him on the forehead.
“Goodnight, Love.” Mumbled Harry. Draco smiled at the nickname.
“Sweet dreams, Love.”


Still searching

Chapter 32

Harry awoke around midday the next day. He groaned and tried to shift into a more comfortable position but found he couldn’t move. Something stuck to his back wouldn’t let him move. He lifted his arm, which was heavily bandaged, and felt behind him. It was something soft, almost like feathers. He pulled at it and winced in pain and then a thought occured to him. He groaned again, this time not in pain but in frustration. This woke Draco up, who was sleeping in the chair next to him.
“Whas goin’ on?” He looked around. His hair was messed up and his eyes were half closed.
“Draco.” Said Harry in a complaining voice.
“Whas wrong?”
“Draco…Do I have wings?”
“Uh…Yeah.” The blond rubbed his eyes and took Harry’s hand. “Is it a bad time to say I told you so?”
“I hate you.” Said Harry but he laughed. For some reason, he didn’t mind being a Veela at that moment. As long as he had Draco to make him laugh, he would be fine.
“Ah, Mr Potter. Finally awake I see.” Said Madam Pomfrey as she bustled around taking out potions and putting them back in different cabinets. She did a quick check over him. “We’re going to move you into a separate room. Unless you don’t mind people know you are a Veela?”
“I’ll go into a separate room, thanks. Don’t need even more attention from Skeeter.”
“Because it’s just dreadful being famous, isn’t it? Everybody running around after you willing to do anything you want… It must be terrible.” Said Draco.
“Sarcastic much?” Was Harry’s reply.
“Can you get up, Mr Potter?” Asked the mediwitch.
“I don’t know.” He got hauled to his feet by Draco and Madam Pomfrey and brought to a room that you had to go through the witches office to get to.
“Mr Malfoy if you could go get the Headmistress and Professor Quipett? I was asked to inform them when Harry was awake.”
“Of course.” Draco walked out of the room.
“I never thought anything else could happen to you Harry but you always surprise me.”
“I’m just one for surprising people you know?” Madam Pomfrey sighed in despair. “Do you think I could have a quill and a few sheets of parchment?”
“Of course.” The witch went back into her office and a minute later, she came back in with quill and parchment in her hands.
“Thank you.”

Dear Weasley family, he wrote.

I thought I would address this letter to the whole family because I can’t be bothered to write ten letters and my arm hurts dreadfully although Madam Promfrey is patching me up nicely. I am in the hospital wing. Again. I discovered last night that I am a Veela…After falling off of my broom because wings were sprouting out of my back. (They won’t go away!) Anyway, I just thought I would write this to you because I don’t know how I would tell you in person.
Hope you are all well (and please tell Ron to come visit),

He read the letter over and wrote nearly exactly the same thing but to Hermione. He sealed both letters and put them on the bedside cabinet, ready to send them off.
The mediwitch came back in followed by Draco, McGonagall and Professor Quipett.
“I must say, you have the most magnificent wings, Mr Potter.” Said Quipett, “Mine aren’t nearly as big or as beautiful as yours.”
“Uh, thanks I guess. I haven’t seen them yet. I can’t get up.”
“I’m glad you are doing better Mr Potter but could you please tell us why you were flying in the middle of the night?” Asked McGonagall sternly. At her words, Harry had a worrying thought.
“Where’s my broom? My Firebolt? Where is it? Sirius gave that to me!” He said in a rush.
“Don’t worry Harry.” Said the Headmistress, in a soft tone now. “It is fine and in your room.”
“Thank Merlin.” Harry breathed a sigh of relief.
“Now, can you answer my question?”
“I’ve been flying every night this week. I can’t play in Quidditch matches anymore…And I haven’t flown in such a long time… And I’m aloud out at night now cause I’m a teacher.” Ha added with a cheeky smile. McGonagall couldn’t help but smile.
“You shouldn’t be out after hours Harry, even if you are a teacher now.”
“Well, it’s done now.”
“Yes I suppose it is. Professor Quipett will start helping you with your new powers as soon as you are well enough.”
“And what do I do with these?” Asked Harry, pointing at his wings.
“Just imagine them folding in and shrinking into your back and they will leave.” Said Quipett. “And if you want them back out, just imagine them growing out of your back. It will get easier over time and soon enough you will be able to do it without thinking.”
“Thanks.” Said Harry. He squeezed his eyes shut and imagined his wings shrinking into him. He didn’t know exactly what they looked like but he knew they were big and black and after a few minutes, they went away. The two professors and Madam Pomfrey all left so all that was left was him and Draco who was wearing a small smile.
“Shut up.” Said Harry, smiling.
“I haven’t said anything.”
“You were going to though.”
“How do you know?” Draco sat on the edge of the bed.
“Because I know you.”
“Fair enough. Do you want food?” Harry’s stomach grumbled. “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’.”

Still searching

Chapter 31

Harry went flying every night for the rest of the week. On Friday, after the student’s Quidditch game and making sure nobody was around, he sored up into the air without even hesitating this time. It was fortunately warmer than most nights and he was very grateful for that as he had had enough of being frozen to the bone after flying. While doing a rather complicated swirl, his head started spinning. He hovered a bit, clutching onto the broom until the dizziness went away and he continued flying. He flew for an other couple of minutes when he got a searing pain in his back. He tried to ignore it and land safely on the ground but he couldn’t, his eyesight was getting worse by the second. Soon, the colors were changing, he would see the world around him normally, and it would suddenly turn red or blue or purple or pink. He was swirling uncontrollably and was starting to panic; he knew this was going to happen some day. Why hadn’t he listened to the small voice in the back of his mind? Time seemed to slow, he couldn’t breathe, his heart was beating so fast, Harry thought he was having a panic attack, which he probably was although he didn’t know for sure because he had never had one before. Something was forcing it’s self out of his back. He just thought he had gained a bit of control over his broom when he slipped and fell. He didn’t black out, he didn’t even scream. He didn’t make a sound when he hit the floor and felt bones breaking. He just breathed in raspy breaths and prayed somebody would come to find him. Something soft had cushioned his fall a bit but he couldn’t ell what is was. And why was his vision going haywire? He lay flat on his back, or what he thought was his back, eyes opened and tearing up. He was in such pain. He tried to move. That was a big mistake. He let out a small groan. What was he going to do? He couldn’t stay out here all night, but he couldn’t move either. His wand lay a couple of feet away from him. He reached for it, cast a Patronus and sent it to get Draco and the Headmistress. While waiting for them, he looked around for his Firebolt. Thankfully it lay a few feet away, unharmed. Some time later, Harry didn’t know if it was a few seconds or hours later, Draco came running down the pitch, the Professor, trailing behind him.
“Harry! Harry!” Draco stopped short. “You have – you – you have wings.” He looked at them in amazement and kneeled down beside him, gently touching his arm. McGonagall arrived and let out a little squeek.
“Mr Potter-” She said, her voice trembling, “This might hurt. I am going to hover you to the Hospital Wing.” She waved her wand and Harry groaned in pain. Draco took his hand and held it all the way back up to the castle, through the hallways to the Hospital Wing and still held it when Harry was deposited on the bad and being checked over by Madam Pomfrey.
“My, my, Mr Potter. You always seem to find yourself back here don’t you?”
She didn’t even asked questions about the wings. Harry supposed McGonagall had warned her he would probably turning up sooner or later. The witch only left his side to go back to bed when he had swallowed half a dozen potions. After making sure Harry was fine, more or less, McGonagall did the same. Draco stayed by his side all night, even though he was told to go back to bed but he didn’t. He stayed by Harry’s side and held his hand all night.

Still searching

Chapter 30

Draco woke up early the next morning. Harry was lying across his chest, using it as a pillow. He stirred and Draco wrapped an arm around him.
“Morning.” He said.
“Morning.” Harry mumbled.
“Where were you last night?”
“In the air.” Said Harry, still half asleep.
“You went flying?”
“Kind of…”
“What do you mean ‘Kind of’?” Demanded Draco.
“You were playing Quidditch alone?”
“No, with the kids.”
“Harry, please try to make some sense.”
Harry finally sat up a bit, Draco’s arm still around him.
“I want all four houses to get along so I invited them to the pitch last night for a big game of Quidditch.”
“And it worked?”
Harry smiled faintly. “Yeah. It was so good to just watch them all walking back up to the castle together, talking and laughing.”
Draco leaned back on the bed. “Wow.”
“I know. And McGonagall said it was impossible. You can’t tell any of the teachers though. This is between us and the students. You can come next time if you want.”
“There’s going to be a next time?”
“Of course. Every Friday at midnight.”
“The students are going to be exhausted today.”
“I know but it was worth it. And I bet they think so too.”
Harry showered quickly and got dressed. Draco,  on the other hand, took over half an hour to just do his hair.
“Come on! You’re so slow!” Complained Harry.
“I’ll be ready in a minute.”
“Well hurry up!”
“You two fight like an old married couple.”
Harry jumped around in the direction that voice had come from. “Fred? What are you doing here?”
“Ever heard of privacy?” Called Draco from the bathroom.
“Thought I’d stop by.”
“Couldn’t you have stopped by at breakfast?” asked Draco.
The ghost ignored him. “George is coming by today. Got some employees covering for him at the shop.” He said to Harry.
“Great. When’s he coming?”
“Between breakfast and lunch. He’s staying for dinner as well.”  He winked at Harry. “It’s been some time we haven’t cause some mischief here.” Fred wizzed out through the door.

Lessons went by slowly that morning. Harry couldn’t wait to see George. At midday he rushed out of the classroom and ran straight into the Weasley twin.
“Carful there Harry. You might ruin that perfect face of yours.”
“Comme off it. How are you? How’s Bill and Charlie? Charlie still in Romania?”
“Calm down Golden boy. I’m here all day. Plenty of time for questions.” George laughed. “Come on let’s get some lunch, I’m starving.”
“You sound just like Ron.”
“Yeah right. I’m cool and funny. He’s just Ron.” They started walking down the hallway to the Great Hall.
“I wouldn’t go that far.”
“Just telling the truth mate. How’s it going with you two?”
“We haven’t really spoken lately but it’s okay I guess. I’ve forgiven him anyway.”
“Good. He was bloody miserable without you.”
“I’m glad he was. I’m his bestfriend.” Harry winked at the boy walking next to him.
“Your sarcasm had mounted drastically mate. Spending too much time with Malfoy I say.”
“That’s not what he would say. Or McGonagall.”
“What’s McGonagall got to do with your sarcasm?”
“It’s a long story.”
“I’ve got time.”
“I haven’t. I’ll ask McGonagall if we can have dinner in a separate room this evening. I’ll tell you all about it. Anyway, how’s the shop going? And you still have to answer the questions I asked you earlier.”
George scrunched up his face. “Right…I’m fine…Bill and Charlie are good too…Yes, Charlie’s still in Romania and…The shop’s great. Loads of customers, got a few regulars too, like Lee.”
Harry and George talked all the way through lunch, just catching up. They were sad to hear the bell ring.
“See you tonight then. Hey, can Fred come? Even though… You know, he can’t…Eat.” George’s shoes suddenly became very interesting to him.
“Yeah.” Harry smiled sadly. “And do you mind if Draco comes?” The ginger quickly became himself again.
“If it pleases you Harry, I will endure it.” George sighed dramatically and went off to find Fred.

That evening, Harry, Fred the ghost and George sat around a small-ish table, waiting for their food to arrive.
“Draco couldn’t come. Said he had to speak to McGonagall.” Said Harry.
Fred and George both shrugged. “So, what’s this thing about sarcasm and all that?”
“Has George told you about what we were talking about before lunch?”
“Yeah, Georgie told me.”
“Draco, McGonagall and Professor Quipett all think I’m a Veela.”
“Well that’s just stupid.” Said George.
“Thank you!” Said Harry.
“We would’ve known if you were a Veela. How thick can you get?” Said Fred.
“At least two of you think it’s complete rubbish. I’ve been trying to tell them but they won’t listen!”
“But what does being a Veela have to do with your sarcasm?”
“Veelas emotions get heightened when they’re soon to or already have their wings.”
“Complete and utter rubbish.” Stated George.
“Thank Merlin you two believe me.”

That night, Harry waited for Draco to fall asleep and he slipped out of bed. He walked down to the Quidditch pitch again, this time with his own broom. He hesitated for a long time again before mounting. That was getting rather annoying. He loved flying, why not just get on with it? Something is going to happen to you, said a small voice in his head. Maybe some Death Eaters that are in hiding are going to get you again. Maybe Dementors will come for you. Maybe you’ll slip and fall.
“No.” Said Harry firmly. “Nothing is going to happen. I’m safe.”
He pushed off the ground and once again, the breeze going through his hair was liberating. He grinned as he twisted and flipped and spun. Soon enough, the wind picked up and he was forced to descend. He rubbed his icy hands together and half walked half ran back up to the castle. Maybe I should check the weather before coming out next time, he thought to himself.

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Chapter 29

That night, at ten to twelve, Harry headed down to the Quidditch pitch. A dozen people were already there and thankfully, they all had brooms with them.
“Hello everybody! I’m glad to see you brought your brooms!”
“Harry- I mean Professor-” started Dennis, “why are we here?”
“Dennis, don’t call me Professor, we’re friends and it’s weird. We’re here today, because I want all of the houses to be friends.” He looked around. “Yes, even Gryffindor and Slytherin.”
“Harry, That’s impossible! And could I take a picture of you?” He pulled a camera out of his pocket.
“Really Dennis? Right now?”
“Why don’t you take one of all of us when everyone else gets here?”
“That’s a great idea Harry!”
More people were arriving now, they all had brooms.
“Right! Has everybody got brooms?” Asked Harry five minutes when everybody had arrived. A few ‘No’s’ echoed around the place. “I trust you can fid your way to the broom shack? Go on, go get them then. And bring the Quidditch balls with you! Right, Quidditch Captains, next to me please. I want the Gryffindor and Slytherin Captains together and Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw Captains together. Now you are going to pick out your teammates together. And you have to take one person from a different house each time. The two teams are going to have different colored shirts to go over your cloaks so you’ll be able to tell who is on your team and who is not. Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, you choose first.” When everybody had been chosen, he spoke again. “I want you to split your teams into two, one half of the team will play the first half of the game and the second half of the team with play the second part. Everyone understand? Again, I want people from each house in both halves in both teams. When you’ve chosen who is going to play first and play second, I want you to choose one keeper, five beaters, fifteen chasers and three seekers. I will repeat: one keeper, five beaters, fifteen chasers and three seekers for both halves of each team. There will be no points, no winners. We are just having fun. I think we all need it. Both halves will play half an hour each and then, off to bed. If you wish to do this again, I’ll be down here every Friday, same time.”
Harry blew a whistle and the game started. The halves that were playing the second part settled in the rows of seats. When Harry looked over them, he saw that the houses were all mixed up; Gryffindors sat with Hufflepuffs, Slytherins with Ravenclaws… Harry’s heart swelled. He was so happy to see people who had never met, never even glanced at each other, were sitting and chatting and having fun together.
He snapped back to reality and focused on the teams flying above. The Slytherin and Gryffindor’s team were in orange and the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw’s team were in white (Harry had purposely chosen colors that weren’t house colors).
Harry watched Cassandra, Nooly and Lancey for a bit. They were getting better at flying, he thought. He wished he were up in the air, the wind flying threw his hair… He decided that when the students had gone back to bed, he was going to going around the pitch a couple of times. He wasn’t going to Accio his Firebolt because it would wake Draco up, he was just going to have to use an old school broom.

The students trudged up to the castle, all happily tired. He waited for a bit, he didn’t know why; he just did. Bad things often happened to him while flying… Should he really get on one when nobody would find him till morning? Or even afternoon? He would probably have freezed to death by then. He sat down and twiddled the broken sticks, pointing up at all angles. He walked to the middle of the pitch and slid onto the broom but he didn’t take off. He hovered for a bit, went a bit higher, hover, higher, hover, higher. It took him about five minutes to just get up to the hoops. All of a sudden, he shot off, as fats as the broom would take him. He felt free, like there was nothing in the world holding him back. At that moment, he wasn’t a Veela, he wasn’t The Boy Who Lived, he wasn’t Harry. It was just him and the broom. At that moment, nothing in the world mattered. He circled the pitch a dozen ties and came to a stop in the air. He flipped so he was upside down. Blood rushed to his head and he finally had to go the right way up again because he was getting dizzy. He slowly went back to the ground and jumped off before his feet hit the ground. He put the old broom back into the shack and locked it up. He silently walked back up to the castle, thinking he should do that every night.
He walked through the Great Hall and went up to the third floor where his and Draco’s room was. He snuck inside; when he turned around, he saw Draco at the desk, arms crossed and his head resting upon them. Harry gently shook him awake.
“Draco?” He whispered. “Come on off to bed, love.”
“I stayed up for you.” The blond mumbled.
“I can see that.” Harry laid Draco on the bed and quickly got changed into his pyjamas. He slipped into bed and pulled Draco close. He breathed in Draco’s sent; apple shampoo mixed with sweat after a long day. He snuggled down and closed his eyes.
“Night, love.” He whispered although he knew the boy beside him was already asleep. He decided he like that nickname. Love. Draco would like it too, he knew. He took off his glasses, put them on the bedside table and quickly flicked his wand to blow out the low candles. He easily fell asleep.

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Chapter 27

McGonagall looked at the three men in front of her in turn; Harry was looking at her expectantly, Draco was twidling his thumbs and Arnold Quipett was looking around the room, confused about why he was here.
“I’m sorry Headmistress, but was is Professor Quipett doing here?” Asked Harry.
“Is it okay if I tell them Arnold?” At the mans nod, she continued. “Arnold is a Veela.”
Draco and Harry both turned to look at the man next to them.
“Is this true?” Asked Draco. The man nodded again.
“How can you tell if you are a Veela?” Asked Harry.
“Well, if you didn’t know, Veelas have mates, man or woman, it doesn’t matter, they also have wings; wings that are sharp around danger but soft around their mate. They are hard to control at first but when you have…Mastered, shall I say, you’re wings, you can show them and hide them at your own will.”
“I don’t have wings!”
“They only come when you are fully grown.”
“Meh, I stopped growing years ago.”
“You do not know that.”
“You have grown Harry.” Said Draco quietly. “You’ve grown a few inches this last year.”
“No I haven’t!”
“Please gentlemen, could you please calm down?” McGonagall scolded. “Potter stand next to me.”
“My dear boy, I am getting old, I haven’t grown in a long time.”
“You’ll never get old, Professor.” Said Harry as he stood up. The Headmistress flushed red.
“I dare say I will Potter, but thank you.”
The man and woman stood side by side, Harry was as tall as the Headmistress.
“You have grown Potter, you never used to be as tall as me.”
Harry shrunk back into his seat.
“You will need training.” Harry, Draco and the Headmistress all jumped at Professor Quipetts words.
“Why?” Asked Harry a bit angry now.
“Veelas emotions are heightened, like vampires for instance and I’ve heard you have quiet a temper.”
“I haven’t!” Snapped Harry, then he realized what had just happened and shrunk even lower into the chair with embarrassment. He sighed loudly.
“And you might have problems with your vision.” Harry looked up sharply. “At the beginning.” He added.
“I already have problems with my eyes! All I ever wanted is a normal life! Am I ever going to get that? I’ve just had enough of this stupid life! I just want to settle down, get married and have my job here! I don’t want to be a Veela! I never wanted to be the Boy Who Lived! I never wanted to be the stupid Golden Boy! I never wanted to be famous! The first day I met Hagrid, do you know what I said? ‘I’m Harry. Just Harry.’ Will I ever get to be that? No, probably not.”
“Looks like the emotion heightening has already started.” Muttered Draco. Harry shot him a glare and stalked out of the room.

Harry decided to pay Hagrid a visit. He knocked loudly on the door and Fang started barking madly behind it.
“Down Fang! Down yeh bloody thing.” Grunted Hagrid. The door opened and Harry stepped furiously inside.
“‘Arry! ‘S ben a while! Sit down. I’ll get some tea on.”
Harry sat at the table and looked blankly at his hands.
“Where’s Penwidge?” He had left the kneazle with Hagrid while he and Draco went away.
“In ‘er bed over there in the corner.”
Harry kneeled down and scooped the animal up.
“You’ve grown.” He said to it. He tickled her behind her ears and she purred. He sat back down with Penwidge on his lap, much calmer now.
“Whassup ‘Arry?” Asked Hagrid as he poured tea in to two big mugs.
“It’s a long story Hagrid.” Was all he replied, still stocking the kneazle.
“I got all the time in the world.”
Draco, Professor Quipett and Draco all think I am a Veela.” He scowled.
“A Veela? Thas insane. Yer not a Veela, yeh would’ve ‘ad yer wings by now.”
“Apparently I’m not ‘fully grown yet’.”
“Well, i’s true, yeh ‘ave grown a bit since I last sa yeh.”
“Don’t you start. I came down here for reassurance.”
“I don’t think yer a Veela ‘Arry.”
“Good.” He huffed.
“Anyway, what yeh ben up to ‘Arry?”
“I went away with Draco for Christmas.”
“I got drugged.”
“YEH WHAT?” Hagrid spat out his mouth full of tea.
“Some weirdo at a pub. Love potion. I’ts no big deal.”
“Of course it is ‘Arry!”
“I’ve dealt with worse.” Harry shrugged.
“Did yeh tell the Ministry?”
“It was in America.”
“The…Um… MCUSA I think they call it over there. Did yeh tell them?”
“Draco and I decided to just forget about it. We got into a bit of a fight after that so we just dropped it.”
“Well… ‘S done now I guess.”
“Don’t worry about it Hagrid.”
“Well, I’m going to get my lessons ready for Monday. Thanks for the tea.” Said Harry although he hadn’t touched it. He picked up Penwidge and walked back up to the castle.

Harry sat the rest of the day at his desk preparing his futur lessons. He was going to be tackling the Bogie Curse; with the second years, the disarming spell; with the third years; werewolves; the fourth years were learning about the unforgivable curse (although he wasn’t demonstrating them like the fake Moody had); with the fifth years, he was tackling the Confundus charm; with the sixth and seventh years, he going going to try to teach them about the Patronus Charm. He had complete faith in them and thought they would all do pretty well, like himself and his classmates had when he was in his fifth year and had started Dumbledore’s Army with Ron and Hermione.
After a while, he sat back and stretched his sore back. He went down to the kitchens and had a cup of tea and some biscuits. He chatted to the house elves for a bit and went up to dinner when it was ready. A thought came to him as he was sitting down; it would always be weird sitting at the professors table, watching over the students where he used to be. Some of the students were actually still his friends like Dennis Creevey. Although, ever since the war, he has been much less excitable, probably because of the death of his older, also over-excitable brother, Colin Creevey.




Still searching

Chapter 26

The whole day, Harry and Draco tried their ‘mind connection powers’, as they now called them, every five to ten minutes just to see if they still worked. Harry, surprisingly, got used to it very fast. He would just speak to Draco as if it were completely normal to speak to him with his mind. Draco, on the other hand, found it deeply unsettling. He agreed they had to keep an eye on it but only grudgingly.
“Why are you both being so weird today?” Asked Blaise as he and Moon watched Draco and Harry staring intensely at each other that evening.
“Are they always like this?” Whispered Moon to the boy next to her.
“There’s always something weird happening when they’re around. You’ll get used to it after a while.” Blaise whispered back. “Although, they’ve never been this weird.” Talking louder now he said “Oi! You two! I know you’re in love and all but you’re getting more weird than usual now.”
The two looked up in surprise and stopped looking at each other. Harry relaxed back into the sofa and took a swig of his Firewhiskey. Draco sat unusually straight, muscled tensed, his hand shaking and white where he was holding his glass so tight. Harry shuffled closer to his boyfriend and gently took his hand.
“I know you don’t like this, but try not to worry about it too much. Okay? We’ll figure out what’s happening as soon as we get back to Hogwarts.” Thought Harry.
“I’ve been thinking. And I might know what is happening. Come with me.”
Harry looked at the boy in surprise and followed him to their room.
“Nutters.” Muttered Blaise as they walked out of the room.
“What is it?” Asked Harry asked aloud when they had entered their room.
“I was looking at your family tree. You know the tail of the Three Brothers?”
“Of course I do.”
“Alright don’t go all sarcastic on me. Well, after a bit of research, or, a lot of research shall I say, I found out that one of them was a Veela.”
“What’s a Veela again?”
“You are extremely stupid sometimes Potter. Fleur Delacour? Your best friends brothers wife? Cassandra’s mother?”
“How did you-?”
“I did research. Remember?”
“Yes I remember now. So? One of my ancestors was a Veela. So what?”
“Did you ever read a book while we were at Hogwarts? In our student and teaching days?”
“Apparently not. You have Veela blood Harry. It goes from generation to generation. You must be a Veela.”
“What? That can’t be possible. You must have seen something wrong. Maybe you need glasses? I could lend you mine when you’re reading if I’m not using them.”
“Stop being a prat. You are a Veela. Although I don’t see why… You aren’t particularly good-looking…”
“Thank a bunch.”
“I’m joking. You are the most beautiful person I have ever laid eyes on.” Said Draco as he wrapped his arms around the others waist.
Harry turned away to cover the red bloches creeping up his neck.
“I hate it when you complement me.” He muttered.
“I know but I love it the way you blush.” Draco smirked.
“I hate that smirk as well.” Said Harry, brushing the blonds lips with his thumb. “I prefer it when you smile normally like you’re actually happy.”
“I do!”
“No you don’t, you smirk like you used to at Hogwarts when you thought you said something funny.”
“I’ll have to try that smiling thing one day then.”
“Yeah.” They leaned against each other for a while. “Do you really think I’m a Veela?”
“It is possible.”
“But why are these…Side effects coming up now? Why not earlier?”
“I really don’t know Harry.”
At that moment an eagle owl scraped at the window.
“That’s my mother’s owl.” Said Draco, clearly shocked. He slowly walked over to the window and opened it. The owl swooped in, dropped the letter and balanced on the wardrobe, clearly waiting for an answer. Draco hesitantly opened the letter and read it. His mouth opened and his eyes grew wider the further he got down the page. He looked up at Harry, back down at the letter and back to Harry again.
“What is it?”
Draco shoved the letter in Harry’s hands.
“My father’s dead.” He said. “Read it.”
Harry skimmed through it. Draco was right; his father was dead and his mother wanted him to go to the funeral. They had both been released from Azkaban a couple of weeks ago and had Malfoy Manor back.
“How can she think I want to go to his funeral after he disowned me? He wouldn’t even want me there!”
Harry didn’t say anything, he just sat down next to Draco and held his hand.
“How could she think that?”
“You don’t have to go.” Said Harry reassuringly.
“As if I would I would even think of going.” Scoffed Draco.

Saturday evening, Harry and Draco flooed back to Hogwarts. The Headmistress greeted them warmly as appeared in her office.
“Boys! I would have thought you would floo into your own room?”
“We have a question for you Professor.” Said Harry.
“Ask away.”
“We have recently discovered we have some…Unusual abilities.”
“What is it now?” The professor sighed.
“We can talk to each other in our minds.”
“You can what?”
“Talk to each other in our minds. Draco has a theory of what it could be but it’s ridiculus really.”
“It is not!”
“Have a seat boys.” Breathed McGonagall before they got in a fight. She sat in her big armchair and the two boys took seats in the squishy chairs opposite her. “What is your theory Professor Malfoy?”
“Harry’s a Veela.”
“I’m sorry, I think my hearing is weak today. Did you say Veela?”
“Apparently not then. Explain.”
Draco recounted how he looked into Harry’s family tree and McGonagall listened intently.
“Well it certainly could be that but what I don’t understand, is Veelas can feel each others emotions but they can’t speak to each others in their minds.”
“I know. That’s why it’s ridiculous. I mean, me, a Veela?” Said Harry.
“I think I know somebody who could help us on this.” Said McGonagall.
“Who?” Asked the two boys at the same time.
The Headmistress didn’t answer. Instead, she scribbled a note onto a spare piece of parchment and sent it away. She leaned her elbows on her desk and intertwined her fingers.