My trip to Paris

So on Wednesday, I went to Paris for three days. It was amazing and I thought I would show you a few photos, share my adventures with you (even if I literally shopped and that’s all…Haha).


Here are some buildings I took photos of. I have no idea what they are (yes I am so cultural) but they were pretty so why not?

The first day, my mother, sister and I shopped. That is literally all we did all day. I got a jumper, t-shirt, mum-jeans and a classy ass jacket that cost me 70euros (yes I am a classy ass bitch).


In the afternoon, my mum and I were really tired so my sister continued shopping and we went to a little coffee/salad bar thing and it was the cutest thing ever and had the best orange juice and muffins!


After that we went to Buffalo Grill and my sister was like ‘There’s a protest going on tonight right around the corner of our hotel’ and I was like ‘LET’S GO! I WANT TO SEE!’ And then in the evening we learnt that security found a ‘suspicious object’ around the area we were shopping like all afternoon so we were like Oh Shit.

The second day we went to a cute breakfast coffee shop and I had banana bread and orange juice and I took one bite of the banana bread and I was like this deserves a photo. So here it is!


We did some sightseeing (as you can see on the pictures above). We went to a clothes museum and it was boring (haha), I had my first ever Chipotley and Oh. My. God. It was the best thing I ever tasted. I can’t even describe it.


Yes, I thought somebody silly-stinged this building. Yes, I am stupid. Although that is some weird art.


We did some sightseeing (as you can see in the photos at the beginning). We went to a museum and then my sister had an interview so my mum and I just sat on a bench for like an hour and I read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix BECAUSE I LOVE HARRY POTTER! After that my sister and I went to see the Eiffel Tower.

Third day, we went to visit the appartement my sister will be staying in, we got some KFC and to some really popular column things that my sister wanted to see so we took some photos there.


In the afternoon, my sister went to see some friend so my mum and I did MORE shopping. Also, there was an other protest (about the elections) and there was police everywhere the tubes were closed it was crazy. and of course, I was like ‘CAN WE GO?’

After that we came home. The End.

Hope you enjoyed, chapter 25 (I think) of Still searching will be out this evening!

Love, Grace x