Rainy Day

I love rainy days.

I just love snugling up in a nice, warm, furry blanket and watching films and drinking hot chocolate.

Most of the time i stay up in my room, in bed, with a nice onesie on or maybe a jumper and cosy pyjama bottoms and i watch films or videos on Youtube.

My favourite films to watch on a rainy day:

-Harry Potter (all of them)


-The Maze Runner

-Joe & Caspar Hit The Road

-Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters

-Now You See Me

-Troy (i’ve watched that film once (yesterday) and it’s already in my top 10 favourite films)

-The Vampire Diaries (i know it’s a TV series but i LOVE it!)

-Scooby Doo (yes i still like Scooby Doo)

-Barbie (yes i also like Barbie)

My favourite Youtubers to watch on a rainy day:

-The Sacconejolys




-Tanya Burr



-Marcus Butler

-Niki and Gabi

-Stampylongnose, yes i like Minecraft videos, GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT? 🙂!!

And here is a yummy  recipe for hot chocolate:

You will need:

-a mug

-cooking chocolate (preferably dark or normal)




All you need to do is pop some chocolate into your mug (or melt it, put it in a mold, let it set in the fridge then put it in mug), pour milk in, put it in the microwave for around two minutes, stir until there is no more chocolate and pop your marshmallows in. There. Done. SO easy!

Now enjoy your hot chocolate while watching films/youtube videos.

That’s what i do on rainy days. What about you?

Love, Grace x