Getting through school


Every teenagers worst nightmare. But don’t worry! I have some usefall tips and tricks!

  1. Always bring a snack with you (even if it’s sweets) so you never get hungry. I get quite hungry when i’m in class so a nice bit of chocolate keeps me up and going. But BEWARE! If you’re not allowed snacks in school *whispers* eat them when the teachers back is turned… I’m joking, if you want to do that, well go ahead i can’t stop you! 🙂
  2. Try to concentrate and get into the work (not literally). If you do that and get interested in what you are doing the time will flyyyyy.
  3. When lunchtime comes just think ‘WOW 4 hours have already passed!’ (i have 4 hours before lunch but if you have more or less use that)
  4. Make the most of recess because i can tell you from my own experiences… I feel horrible when i get back into class; it’s like: WHYYYYYYYYYYY!!!
  5. Enjoy yourself.

Those were my quick and easy tricks. !!!!

And remember, you are soooo lucky! Because i live in France, i have 7-8 hours a day and next year i’m gonna have TEN (YES 10!) hours a day!!

So enjoy your school life.

Well, i’m off to watch a bit of Doctor Who. 🙂

Hope you have a great evening and i will see you tomorrow!

Love, Grace x