Bridge to the Other Side

So, this is just a little chapter that I had an idea for. Hope you enjoy. By the way, in this story, Remus never got with Tonks, she got married and had Teddy with a fellow Auror. Also, I got this title from a group called Boyd and the Remembralls. You should totally go check them out if you’re a Harry Potter fan, they just do Harry Potter songs and one of them is called “Bridge to the Other Side” and it is about Harry’s feeling about Sirius dying. That is why I chose this title.

It didn’t hurt when he went through the veil. It felt like he fell asleep and immediately woke up again. He looked around. He was in a white room with a couple of benches and a door leading out of it. He started to reach for the door handle but it opened before he could get to it.
“James! Lily!” He rushed to hug the two, they looked sombre.
“Sirius.” Said James. “How? How did it happen?”
Sirius frowned. “Remember that lovely cousin of mine?”
“Oh Sirius! At least we found you.” Cried Lily. Sirius smiled sadly.
“Is there a way to see what’s happening in…The living world?”
“Yeah, we’ve been using it to keep an eye on Harry. What do you want to see?” Asked James.
“I want to see if he’s alright…”
“Sirius?” Said Lily threateningly. Sirius sighed sadly.
“If you didn’t know, Harry got connected to Voldemort’s mind…That night. Voldemort planted a fake vision in his mind of me being tortured in the Department of Mysteries. He wanted the prophecy. Harry came to save me with his friends, when I learnt what was happening I went straight there with the Order but there was already about ten Death Eaters going after them. We fought for a bit but… Bellatrix caught me off guard. I want to see if Harry, his friends and the Order are okay.”
“My baby. My poor baby.” Said Lily, her hands over her mouth, tears in her eyes. James put an arm around her shoulder.
“We would know if he was hurt. We’re his parents. We would know. He’s fine.” They walked into the separate room. “This is the bridge to the other side.” Sirius looked down. It was kind of like a massive Pensieve. About the size of a small swimming pool.
“Harry Potter.” Said James. Harry appeared on the wavy surface. He was crying, trying to go through the veil where Sirius had just disappeared. He had cuts all over his face and his lightening bolt scar was glowing. Remus had his arms around Harry. He was pulling him back, he also had tears running down his face.
“Remus…” Breathed James. “He looks so… Tired, worn out.”
Sirius now had tears in his eyes. He stuffed his knuckle in his mouth and bit down hard. James put a hand on his shoulder.
“Did you ever tell him?” He asked.

Battle of Hogwarts

The three friends were watching intently what was happening. So far, Harry was fine. Hermione, Ron, Remus… All of the Order was fine. Except for Fred. Sirius went out to the room he had first arrived in and greeted him.
“Hi Fred.” He said with a sad smile.
“Sirius.” Said Fred. The man walked swiftly over to the twin and hugged him tight. They stayed like that for a while, Fred crying into Sirius’ shoulder. “I didn’t want to die. What about George?”
“I’m so sorry Fred.” Said Sirius. He pulled away and put both hands on each of Fred’s shoulders. “Come with me. I want to show you something.” Sirius led the way into the room with the Bridge to the Other Side. “James, Lily, we have a newcomer.” He gestured to Fred.
“Fred.” Said Lily. She walked over to him and gave him a long, friendly, motherly hug like Molly had done so many times before to Harry. “I’ve been watching you with your brothers. You were like a family to our baby.” She said with a bright smile. Fred didn’t say anything, he looked around, confused. “I’m sorry dear. You probably have no idea who I am, do you? I’m Lily Potter and this is my husband James Potter.”
“Hey there.” James waved.
“You’re Harry’s parents.” Stated Fred. “He-he misses you.”
“We miss him too…” Said Lily. “We’ve been watching over him.” She gestured to the small pool.
“George!” Fred gasped and ran next to James. He stared down at his twin who was crying over Fred’s body. “I still look better than him, even if I am… Gone.” He said with a sad smile.
James walked over to where his wife and Sirius stood. “Sirius.” He rubbed his eyes, trying to hide the tears. “I need to talk to you.”
At that moment, a new person walked into the room. Everybody spun around and stared at the man. Sirius was the first to move. He ran over to the man, jumped in his arms and kissed him. After several moments of the new man looking confused but also happy to be in Sirius’ arms, Sirius pulled away.