Spa Day Routine

I love having a good spa day (at home because i live in the middle of nowhere).blog

Here is my spa day routine:

  • First i get all the products i am going to use ready. I head up to the bath and run the tap (duhh) I either put some bubbles in or i put a lush bathbomb in.. Or both and then i get in (wooooow really?).
  • While i soak in “Ze Wonderful Bath” i like to either read, listen to music or watch a TV program like The Vampire Diaries or Doctor Who.
  • That’s when i start using my products. First i use my Zoella body gel (smells AMAZEBALLS!) then i use the Zoella body scub (totally got a Zoella addiction).
  • I continue watching stuff on my laptop for about an hour then i empty the bath and have a quick shower to wash my hair and get all of the oiliness (is that a word?) off my skin.
  • I get out and dry myself, put my hair up in a messy bun and moisterise (geuss what? It’s a Zoella moisturiser!) and then i get my PJ’s on.
  • I go back to my room, put a face mask on and watch more telly (what a suprise!)
  • After i take my face mask off i do my nails (and guess whaaaaaat… I watch more telly!)

There. That’s it. That’s my spa day routine!

I really hope you enjoyed it and i’ll see you soon!

Love, Grace x