Still searching

Chapter 14

“Hello everyone. I’m your new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher.” The whole class started whispering. “Please quiet down. Today, we are going to defeat a Boggart.” Yes Harry was doing the same lesson his favorite DADA teacher had done five years ago. He gulped. He couldn’t think about that. Remeus was dead and that was that. “Right, put your books away. That’s it. Wands out. Now repeat after me: Riddikulus.”
“Good, now form a line, one behind the other. Stop talking over there!” He looked at the shy looking girl who was at the front of the line. Most of the boys were staring at her, trying to get at her. She must be a Veela. “Hello. What’s your name?”
“Cassandra Weasley.”
“Oh! Cassandra! I haven’t seen you since you were a little girl.” He whispered so the rest of the class wouldn’t hear; they were all talking anyway. “I’m your dad’s little brother’s friend. You know, Uncle Ron?”
“Yes.” The little girl whispered. She seemed extreamly nervous.
“So Cassandra,” said Harry. He raised his voice so the whole class would hear. “What’s your biggest fear?”
“Um, I don’t know…” Harry could tell she was lying.
“Well, why don’t you go to the back and think about it while the others have a turn?” The girl sighed in relief and rushed to the back of the line. “Now, when the Boggart turns into what you fear most, i want you to shout the incantation ‘Riddikulus’ and imagine that thing turn into something funny. What really defeats a Boggart is laughter. Ready?” Harry let the creature out. A boy named Charles Taylor went first. His Boggart was a mountain troll.
“Riddikulus!” He cried, a top hat and bow appeared on the beast and he started tap-dancing.
“Brilliant! Next.” Person after person defeated the Boggart and finally, Cassandra’s turn came. Suddenly, Bill and Fleur were lying on the floor, twitching with blood pouring out of their chests. Cassandra shreaked and started crying and whimpering, her hands covering he face. Her classmates gasped and some turned away. Harry jumped infront of the Boggart and his nightmare became real life. He suddenly had trouble breathing, he couldn’t think of anything funny. Voldemort was there, he was killing his friends. No. NO! He dropped to his knees, tears filled his eyes. Somebody leaped infront of him and the Boggart got sent back into Harry’s desk.
“Class dismissed. You, stay here. Have some tea.” Warm arms wrapped around him and hauled him up. He looked up. Draco was looking at him, creases of worry on his face. Compose yourself! Thought Harry. One of your students, your bestfriends niece, is crying! Pull yourself together! He wiped away the tears and walked towards Cassandra who sat shriveled in a chair.
“Hey, Cassandra. Are you ok?” He asked. He had trouble getting his words out, he wanted to curl up in a ball on the floor and cry.
“I’m f-fine.” She hiccuped.
“No you’re not. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have made you face that Boggart.”
“You have the same fear as me.” Harry looked at the young girl, shocked.
“I guess you’re right.” Draco came up behind him and gave Cassandra and him herbal tea.
“I should go professor, i’ll be late for Herbology.”
“Is that with Professor Longbottom?”
“Yes professor.”
“Could you tell him i’ll come visit soon?”
“Yes sir.”
“Thankyou. Go on then.”
When the girl had left, Harry turned to Draco. “How come you were here?” He asked.
“Free period.” He shrugged. “Thought i’d come see how you’re getting on.”
“Well, as you can see, i’m getting on perfectly fine.” Responded Harry sarcastically.
“It was just cause of the Boggart. It would have been different if you hadn’t used that thing for your first lesson.”
“Yes, well, it’s too late to change things now.”
Draco kissed the tip of Harry’s nose and rested his hand on his cheek. “I better go, i have my first lesson soon.”
“Okay. I’ll see you at lunch?”
“See you at lunch.”
Harry continued lessons as usual for the rest of the day. The day passed surprisingly quickly. He trudged back to his room with Draco after dinner and fell straight asleep.
Of course, he got woken up in the middle of the night with an other nightmare. Draco’s arms were wrapped around him when he woke up.
“Sh.” He hushed. “It’s okay, it’s okay.”
Harry felt angry at himself. Why couldn’t he stop his stupid nightmares?
“Hey,” whispered Draco. “Do you want to go out for a midnight walk?” Harry could tell Draco was smiling. “We’re teachers now, we’re aloud.”
“Yeah, let’s go out for a bit.”
They wrapped up warm as it was getting colder out and headed towards the Quidditch pitch.
“What the…?” Muttered Harry. The pitch was lit up and about a hundred students were flying around having a game of Quidditch. Of course, ther was one keeper on each team but there wasn’t the usual three chasers, two beaters, and one seeker. Harry noticed they had different colored t-shirts on over their pyjamas to show which team they were on. Harry grinned. He knew he was supposed to go straight up there and tell them off and send them all back to bed with a hundred points off their houses each, but he couldn’t. He knew he would have done something like that if he had thought of it when he was a student.
“Come on.” He whispered to Draco.
“What are we doing? Shouldn’t we-”
“We’re going to watch.” He took the blond’s hand and pulled him up one of the towers and sat down. They sat there for over an hour, holding hands, huddled close to keep warm, just watching the kids having fun and nobody noticed them untilΒ around midnight.
“EVERYONE STOP!” Someone half shouted half whispered. All turned towards the two teachers.
“Don’t mind us.” Harry grinned. “Carry on.” Nobody moved, they just hovered on their brooms, staring at the teachers. “On second thought.. Got space for two more?” He laughed at the students expressions. “Come on.” I only just got out of school a year ago. I won’t tell on you.” He summoned his and Draco’s brooms and climbed on. “Who’s ready for aΒ realΒ game of Quidditch?”


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