Still searching

Chapter 24

Draco finally got to a Potion shop and stumbled inside; he couldn’t walk properly because he was dragging Harry behind him.
“I need the antidote for a Love Potion.” He gasped at the man behind the till. He took one look at Draco and Harry and ran to some shelves. His hand moved across the bottles, searching for the right one. He picked up a vile and handed it to Draco.
“Here you go Harry. This will transport you to Sam.” Said Draco.
“Really? It will?” Asked Harry, instantly standing still and gazing up at Draco.
“Yep. Come on, drink up.”
Harry gulped down the potion and blinked up at Draco, he looked surprised ad confused.
“Wha-?” He looked around the shop. “Where?”
“THANK GOD YOU’RE BACK!” Draco threw his arms around Harry’s neck.
“Draco? What are you doing? You’re strangling me!” Harry gasped.
“That creep…and then…the potion…and your felephone…and then the bar and…”
“Draco slow down!”
“Not to interrupt but I would like my money please.” Said the short stubby man behind the counter.
“Yeah. Sorry. How much?”
“Five knuts.”
Draco handed over the money and he and Harry walked out of the shop. They sat down on a bench at a park.
“So, tell me what happened.”
“The-creep-who-came-up-behind-you-slipped-a-love-potion-in-your-drink-so-you-fell-in-love-with-him-but-I-didn’t-know-about-the-potion-so-I-went-off-and-to-make-you-jealous-I-danced-with-an-other-man-but-he-was-an-idiot-and-self-centered-and-then-I-saw-the-creep-pour-something-in-your-drink-so-I-came-up-to-you-and-he-admitted-it-was-a-love-potion-so-I-dragged-you-outside-and-then-I-messaged-Hermione-with-your-felephone-and-she-told-me-what-to-do-so-we-flooed-here-and-I-gave-you-the-antidote-and-now-we’re-here.” Said Draco in a rush, not even pausing to breathe.
“Woah. Calm down. Don’t worry. It’s fine. I’m back to normal. We’re fine.” Said Harry although Draco could tell something was wrong.
“Something’s up. What is it?”
“Nothing.” Harry tried to smile but failed miserably.
“Tell me.” Draco took the boys hand but Harry jerked away.
“You danced with an other guy.” Harry was twidling his thumbs and was looking anywhere but at Draco.
“I know but I was jealous and anyway you were holding his hand.”
“I was under a love potion! Just-I need to think.” Harry sighed. He got up and disapparated after making sure nobody was around. Draco sat in shock. How did things get good and bad so quickly? And where did he go? Draco apparated to all of the places the two had been the day before but had no luck finding him. There was only one place he hadn’t searched yet…

Harry sat in the sand, the sea water rushing over his bare feet. He was being stupid but he just couldn’t get rid of the horrible feeling that had settled in the pit of his stomach. Footsteps came up behind him but he didn’t turn around. They stopped and Draco flopped down next to him.
“I’m sorry.” Said Harry. “I don’t know what happened.” Harry looked up. Draco was looking at him with a sad smile. He put his arm around the boy and pulled him close.
“I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have done that.” Whispered the blond. They sat there for a long time in silence just watching the sun come up. “Merry Christmas.”
Harry looked up in shock. “I forgot it was Christmas!” He took a little package out of his pocket. “Here.”
Draco took the thin box and opened it. Inside was a silver bracelet. It was thin and had a little ‘D’ and ‘H’ on it. “It’s beautiful.” He whispered.
Harry took the bracelet off the blond and put it on his wrist for him. Draco shivered at his soft touch. He fished something out of his own pocket and handed it to Harry. It was a copper locket that held three photos. On the left, was a miniature photo of the first picture Harry had ever seen of his parents. James and Lily waved up at him while he, Harry, laughed. On the right was a picture of Ron, Hermione and himself in front of the lake at Hogwarts. In the middle was a photo of Draco kissing his forehead. “Who took this?” Asked Harry, smiling.
“I don’t actually know. Hermione gave it to me a few weeks ago.”
“I remember this. I told a joke and after laughing for about ten minutes you told me how much you loved me.”
Draco didn’t respond, he looked at the photo fondly.
After a while, the two boys went back to Harry’s house. It was a long journey and they collapsed on the bed as soon as they got home. They curled up together and went to sleep in each others arms.

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